Body Works

Our body is our primary locomotion tool. It transports us through our daily activities. Changes in posture, toxic overload, injury or illness can compromise our body’s ability to perform. One of our Body Works Services may offer you relief from an arthritic joint issue, an acute or chronic injury or even a food sensitivity.



Reflexology is a natural therapy that applies pressure primarily to the feet but also to the hands. This technique uses specific thumb, finger and hand strokes involving a mapped-out system of zones and reflex sites that correlate to specific organs and glands in the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points on the feet and hands, a corresponding physical change may be felt in the body.

As a Certified Reflexologist and member of the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario, I have incorporated this therapy into protocols to decrease pain and promote the nervous system’s calming.

Reflexology is an excellent therapy to promote relaxation while stimulating the body into its natural healing state.


Therapeutic Exercise

As a result of injury, soft tissue or joint disorders, poor posture or stress tend to restrict movement and are often accompanied by pain. Precise manipulation and strengthening exercises are necessary to facilitate the healing of damaged and inflamed tissue.

As a Certified Pilates Instructor and Kinesiologist, my background includes understanding the processes necessary to retrain and reprogram memory movements back into the muscle or muscle groups. This retraining is carried out by applying specific stretching and strengthening programs in the clinic and at home.

I offer personal Pilates training designed to teach core muscle and connective tissue strengthening for individuals with chronic neck or back pain.



Amethyst Bio Mat

We enhance all of our Energy Medicine treatments and Massage treatments with the use of The Amethyst Bio-Mat. Rows of amethyst crystals fill the length of this massage table-sized mat, which are then infused with Far Infrared rays and enhanced by variable heat settings to create an incredibly relaxing and unique healing experience. The Amethyst Bio Mat is EMF blocked, so the heat is pure and healing. Far Infrared rays are known to penetrate deeply into bodily tissues. The deep tissue heating relaxes the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints and helps to relieve pain and discomfort.

Crystal healing and Far Infrared Rays have been used effectively for temporary and long term relief related to:

Reducing pain and joint stiffness (Arthritis)

Increasing blood and lymph circulation

Helping to release muscle spasms

Relaxation of muscles

Helping to reduce stress and fatigue


Happy Clients

I have been a client of Susan’s several times to help elevate painful knotted muscles in my lower back, hips & shoulder. Susan is very professional & extremely knowledgeable in her field of work. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Linda C.