• Weight Loss

  • Weight gain is an epidemic of our western society today. The World Health Organization has made many announcements concerning the excessive weight gain of our population; men, women and particularly children are all at risk. Being overweight does put the body and its structures at a higher risk for many diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders, respiratory distress and unwanted stress on bones and joints.

    The weight loss program I design includes a nutritional assessment as well as teaching the understanding of how to eat the proper "fuel" and the removal of foods that do not contribute well to the body. Our program is not a short term diet but rather a long term lifestyle nutritional change.

    Weight gain for many women can also be as a result of hormonal imbalances, particularly thyroid, adrenal or estrogen / progesterone imbalances. Though assessment techniques, we can identify or eliminate this possibility. See Lab Services for more information on Salivary Hormone Testing.