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  • Your skin, is a vital part of your body. As the largest organ of the integumentary system, the skin has many layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. It also helps to regulate body temperature, works as a respiratory organ and aids in sensory information i.e. external temperature and touch. One of the most important roles of the skin is an assimilator of oxygen and other nutrients as well as a detoxifier.

    A primary function of the skin occurs through the activities of its pores. Every square inch of the skin contains hundreds of pores; all of which are made up of tiny muscles that must be exercised to rid toxins from the body. These pores are like a two-way streets; not only do they allow toxins to leave the body, they also allow substances that are placed on the skin to enter the body.

  • Looking after your skin is very important; it needs respectful care. Substances that touch the skin are absorbed through the skin into the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. If the substance happens to be a chemical or a toxin or a poison, the liver and kidneys will try to neutralize any adverse effects. Obviously, any prolonged, daily or chronic exposure to such substances can be very damaging not only the skin but to one’s health in general.

    If you check your current skin care products, you may find a combination of dangerous chemical and synthetic ingredients. (Check List.)  Remember, when any product is applied on your skin or hair, all the ingredients are absorbed into your body. Applying creams and oils is NO DIFFERENT from eating them. Whether ingested through the skin or through the mouth, the result for your body is the same.

  • "If You Wouldn't Put It In Your Mouth, Don't Put It On Your Skin"