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Mindful Meditation Programs

Mindfulness can help make your life more managable by explaining why living fully in both pleasant and unpleasant times can enrich your life. Independant scientific research has shown that regular practice of mindfulness meditation can result in decrease levels of pain, increased immune response and brain activity as well as general stress reduction. Personal and group sessions offered. New programs starting January 6th, 2016. For an "Info Package" of times, dates, location, cost and what the program is about click here. To read more about mindfulness meditation click here. To visit our meditation web site click here.


New Publication
"For Love of GOD – An Intimate Journey"
"For Love of God - An Intimate Journey," is a living testimony that God reaches people and calls them into action. It is the true story of man and a woman who found their lives upside down and how a forged unsettledness guided each into a quest of understanding their connection to their higher self. This book scribes a journey through the reasons why God is so important and effective to our well being. It is an internal conversation; a battle between human and spirit, a battle every human fights during their life on this planet. This story answers questions about God, what is possible and more.
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Group Exercise Programs
Back Fitness & Stretch: A gentle exercise program designed to increase flexibility and mobility by using the breath to release and lengthen muscles. A foam roller is incorporated to help stabilize and position the spine for optimal stretch. This progam is designed to help those with muscle tension, chronic back pain or joint pain.

Group Pilates: Pilates group classes focus on teaching how to be aware of strengthening, supporting and stabilizing the spine and pelvis. Lateral breathing techniques move the air column deeply in and out of the lungs while expanding the ribs and lengthening the spine. Core muscle groups of the back and abdominals are strengthened.

NEW Exercise Programs Winter Session 2016
Call 613-752-1540 or email to receive a registration form or download here.


**10% discount on second or more programs.   ** No Class Monday, October 10th

WHAT TO WEAR & BRING: Remember to wear appropriate clothing and bring to class an exercise mat and a thick towel or blanket. Beginner Pilates bring 2lb hand weights. Intermediate Pilates bring 2lb hand weights and foam roller. Advanced Pilates bring 3lb hand weights, therabands, foam roller and exercise ball. Back & stretch bring foam roller.


Personal Pilates Training Sessions
Joseph Pilate in the early 1900's designed his program as an individual rehabilitative program for injured soldiers during WWI. He later worked with athletes including dancers to teach them to pay attention to the mind/body connection as they were training in order to enhance their performance.

Most back pain is as a result of overuse and misuse of soft tissues, particularly the deep muscles of the lower back and pelvic area. As a Certified Pilates Instructor, I assess pelvic mobility and strength as well as upper back and neck movement. With a custom designed program, I teach and show how to do the exercises properly and safely. Along with the personal instruction, I provide a written program to take home and work on.

To schedule a personal appointment, please Contact Us.

As part of our teaching program, we offer workshops throughout the year. One of our most popular sessions is a "Homeopathic First Aid Workshop" where participants learn about the history of Homeopathy. In the workshop we explain how remedies are made and what remedies can be safely used at home. Some areas covered include insect bites, burns, hayfever and sprains or strains.

Guest Speaking
As a natural health practitioner, I have appeared as a keynote Guest Speaker for many different service groups in various communities. Topics range from health in general to stress management at home and in the workplace. Appearances include regional television, Women's Institute's, Beta Sigma Phi, and Lion's Clubs. Other appearances include Health Expos and Financial Institutions.

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