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Thanks to many dedicated researchers in the field of alternative health, there are accredited laboratories in Canada such as Rocky Mountain Analytical in Alberta and Doctor's Data Inc. in the United States providing wellness testing services to Health Practitioners.

Wellness Natural Health Centre has been affiliated with these lab service providers as well as others for many years. Through their test procedures, I am able to provide scientific data for toxic elements, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances and latent response allergies in relation to various health conditions.

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Allergy Testing
Allergic responses are the body's way of "throwing out" the harmful substance. It does this by means of skin rashes, digestive upsets, sinusitis, joint pain, headaches or in the extreme, toxic shock. Some allergens are quite obvious to identify and immediately produce an antibody while others have a latent response which may not show up for hours or even days after ingestion.

Blood Spot testing for a particular antibody provides a simple and practical means to help identify potential causes of allergic reactions and allergy related disorders.

Allergic sensitivities may cause discomfort and imbalance in the body but do not result in an antibody immune response. Applied Kinesiology is a safe and reliable way to tests foods and other environmental inhalants to assist in determining sensitivities.

For more information on Allergy testing go to Rocky Mountain Analytical.

Breast Thermography
Breast Thermography is a non-invasive breast screening method assessing the function of breast tissue.  A painless, digital Infrared image of the breasts can detect changes in breast tissue function before other assessment tools can detect structural changes or lumps.  This screening tool is safe for all ages and types of breast tissue.

For more information on details of breast thermography go to Medical Thermography International Inc.

Parasites always bring a shudder, but in fact, the human body is an excellent host for a variety of healthy and unhealthy parasites. These microorganisms are not limited to children. Digestive disturbances, breathing problems and skin rashes are just a few of the disorders that may be related to a parasitic infection.

For detection, I send stool specimens to Doctors Data Inc, a licensed clinical laboratory with over 30 years of experience. "DDI’s tests are utilized in the assessment, detection, prevention, and treatment of heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal function, hepatic detoxification, metabolic abnormalities, and diseases of environmental origin."

For more information go to Doctor's Data Inc.



Saliva Hormone Testing
Saliva Hormone testing is an exceptional assessment tool for uncovering hormonal imbalances. Many women's health issues are a result of an improper balance of progesterone to estrogen, the estrogen metabolism ratio or adrenal function. Adrenal stress and its primary hormone, cortisol is a major player in influencing the action of progesterone and / or testosterone. Some male health issues are also a result of imbalances of the same hormones in different ranges.

As men and women age, a low sex drive in either gender may be a result of hormone imbalances.

Many people suffer from sleep disorders. Saliva testing of the melatonin-cortisol index may give some answers as to why a good sleep is disrupted or difficult to achieve.

For more information on Saliva Hormone Testing, go to Rocky Mountain Analytical.




Toxic Element Assessment
Toxic elements have been recognized by the Canadian and American governments for their threat to public health and safety. Many studies by both governments have proved the toxic level of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals in blood, urine and hair samples of human study groups to be linked to many health disorders. No organ of the body is left without risk; liver, lungs, kidneys, brain and nervous tissue, skin, hormones and reproductive organs have all shown in test studies to have toxic overloads.

Hair Tissue Sampling: Toxic elements concentrate in soft tissue rather than blood or urine, so hair tissue analysis is uniquely suited for measuring substances such as lead, aluminum, mercury or arsenic.

Hair tissue sampling is also used to measure essential element distribution by looking at patterns of distribution. Particular patterns provide insight into a client's diet, absorption efficiency or possibilities of toxic element accumulation.

For more information, see Rocky Mountain Analytical.

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Additional Services:
Other lab services our clinic provides are Urinary Thyroid Assessment., Glucose Breath Test and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Thyroid Urine Assessments
The Urinary Thyroid Assessment measures the hormones T3, T4 and the mineral Selenium over a 24 hour collection period. It has been estimated that over 2 million Canadians could have undiagnosed thyroid disease, referring to both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Even mild hypothyroidism can be linked to many health conditions, so early detection is important.

Glucose Breath Test
The Glucose Breath Test may be used as a screening tool for diabetes. This functional test for insulin resistance measures how well insulin functions at delivering glucose to the tissues. Insulin resistance is not only a concern for diabetes, but also hypertension, cardiovascular disease and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Omega -3 Fatty Acid Blood Test
The Omega -3 Fatty Acid Blood Test measures for adequate levels of omega-3 FA, specifically DHA and EPA. Adequate levels of these fatty acids help guard against cardiovascular disease. This test also measures the omega-6 FA, AA. and the ratio of EPA /AA. This ratio it is a critical marker in assessing inflammation in the body. A healthy ratio of EPA/AA has been attributed to improvements in symptoms associated with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and some cancers particularly breast cancer.

Note: Lab tests are to assist only and are not intended to replace other testing in relation to any diagnosis of any health condition.

If your health vitality is not where you want it to be, Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you get onto your natural path to wellness.


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