• Laboratory Testing

  • Thanks to many dedicated researchers in the field of alternative health, there are accredited laboratories in Canada such as Rocky Mountain Analytical in Alberta providing wellness testing services to Health Practitioners.

    Through their test procedures, Wellness Natural Health Centre is able to provide scientific data for toxic elements, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances and latent response allergies in relation to various health conditions.

  • No Health Care System Can Provide Miracles

    When it comes to matters of health, ”Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today.”

    Health Care Systems limit the tests they offer. In many cases, health information that can make a difference in your well being are available elsewhere. As a natural health practitioner, global laboratories and science based natural health care providers send me new information about case studies and technologies that change the path of health care. If there are tests, products or information that I feel are important to my clients, I will present the articles on this page. I am always available by phone or email to answer questions.

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