• Homeopathy

  • Biotherapeutic Drainage is the gentle use of homeopathic remedies to encourage the process of detoxifying the body by opening the emunctories and then discharging the toxic accumulation. An emunctory is any tissue which is capable of allowing excretions to exit out of the body. These excretions may include heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum; synthetic chemicals from environmental toxins, pharmaceutical residues or even microbials such as fungi, parasites or moulds.

    When the natural excretory system is blocked by congested material or inadequate for normal breakdown, the body will develop a condition, or illness, often referred to as an "itis" such as arthritis or sinusitis or tendonitis. The four primary emunctories are the skin, intestines, lung and urinary tract. The liver, stomach and pancreas are not tissues that permit removal of wastes to the exterior of the body; however, they perform many essential tasks in supporting the function of the primary emunctories.