• Chakra Balancing

  • Chakras are energy centers which act as gateways between various dimensions - centers where activity of one dimension such as an emotional activity connects and plays upon another dimension such as the physical body. This then plays a role in how we interact with the outside world and governs our interactions with others. There are seven major chakra centers each one associated with the seven basic levels of consciousness.

    Chakras can be open, closed or any of the various stages in between. The quality and quantity of energy that moves in and about a chakra has to do with how open or closed it may be. For example, a person who has a closed fifth chakra (communication) would feel choked up and would have an unwillingness to change. During a Chakra Energy Balancing session, the Practitioners hands are used as vessels to sense the energy or lack of energy in and around a chakra. Through subtle movements, the practitioner is able to clear blockages and release energy to help balance and restore harmony. This being done, the individual feels a sense of calmness, often clarity and an overall sense of balance within not only the physical plane, but the mental, emotional and spiritual planes as well.

  • Balance Your Chakras with Healing Energy