• Body Care

  • Lavender Salt Exfoliator

    Lavender infused Himalayan and Sea salts gently rubbed on your skin in the shower removes dead skin cells leaving the skin revitalized and refined. Combined with seaweed, Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils, your skin is left nourished and normalized.   This naturally fragranced exfoliator comes in two sizes.  6oz... $10.00   16oz... 20.00

  • Red Rose Body Scrub

    From our garden to your skin, our Red Rose Body Scrub is a blend of Red Rose Petals, Himalayan Pink Salts, Rose Geranium essential oil and a splash of coconut oil. The natural oils present in rose helps to maintain moisture in the skin making your skin soft and glowing. The sugar present in the petals of the flower is especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin.  6oz... $15.00   16oz... $25.00

  • Fennel and Olive Oil Salt Scrub

    This aromatic plant offers the skin the benefits of preventing cell damage with its high content of zinc and antioxidants. Blended with organic Olive Oil and fine sea salts, as you rinse this scrub from your body, your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  6oz... $8.00  16oz... $15.00

  • Special Christmas Body Scrub

    Treat yourself to a refreshing skin treatment during the holidays with a combination of Himalayan Pinks Salt, Sea Salts, Peppermint Oil, and fresh mint in a base of coconut oil. This aromatic scrub will leave your skin tingling and glowing. 6oz... $12.00