• Amethyst Bio Mat Healing

  • Crystal healing and Far Infrared Rays have been used effectively for temporary and long term relief related to:

    • Reducing pain and joint stiffness (Arthritis)
    • Increase blood and lymph circulation
    • Help to release muscle spasms
    • Relaxation of muscles
    • Help reduce stress and fatigue
  • Amethyst Bio Mat Healing

    All of our Energy Medicine treatments and Massage treatments are enhanced by the use of The Amethyst Bio-Mat. Rows of amethyst crystals fill the length of this massage table sized mat which are then infused with Far Infrared rays and enhanced by variable heat settings to create an incredible relaxing and unique healing experience. The Amethyst Bio Mat is EMF blocked so the heat is pure and healing. Far Infrared rays are known to penetrate deeply into bodily tissues. The deep tissue heating relaxes the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints and helps to relieve pain and discomfort.