• Susan Veale BSc. KIN

    Bachelor of Science - University of Waterloo (Honours Kinesiology)
    Natural Health Practitioner
    Certified Reflexologist
    Reiki Master
    E.M.F. Practitioner
    Certified Pilates Instructor
    Advanced Chiropractic Assistant
    Course Certifications in Homeopathy
    Course Certifications in Lab Services & Hormone Assessment
    Journalist & Author
    Trained Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

  • Finding Wellness The Natural Way

    After almost 30 years in the field of science and natural health, I have learned that the human body is but a complex container of chemistry with no instruction handbook. For every action that occurs from the beat of the heart to an immune response for a microbial intruder, there is a chemical reaction to facilitate the regulation of performance, all without our conscious input.

    When the body is fueled properly, exercised regularly, hydrated and detects no threats, it will function by maintaining a level of homeostasis (balance) turning on and off chemical responses as required, much like your furnace thermostat. However, when the body is missing vital nutrients, becomes weak and full of tension or the mind perceives threats, chemistry becomes dysregulated and healthy patterns change. With this change, the body starts to communicate symptoms such as: pain, change in organ function, fatigue, lack of mobility, weight changes or emotional duress.

    Here at Wellness Natural Health Centre, I help clients safely navigate through these changes using natural health tools such as saliva testing, muscle response testing, homeopathy, massage therapy, rehabilitative exercise or mindfulness meditation. These tools help facilitate your body back to it’s optimum level of health.

    Realizing optimum health is a state of well-being; mind, body and soul. Choosing natural health as a path to well-being may not be the quickest path, but in many cases, it is a more permanent path and the investment in your health is worth the time.

    Losing good health can be a scary journey; however, nothing is permanent. If you would like to try a natural approach, please contact me.

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