• Start The New Year
    With A Clean Body
  • Throughout all ages and cultures, detoxification or cleansing of the body has been a traditional ritual for health and well being.  Ancient peoples used cleansing to reconnect with the divine.  Spring cleansing revitalized body and soul. Sadly, in current times, the benefits of detoxifying the physical body are often ignored.

    The body automatically cleans itself every day through sweating, coughing, nasal drips, urinating, and bowel movements, but our modern world has created an environment of pollutants that make it impossible for a complete elimination of these residues.   A recent US Environmental Protection Agency report confirmed through blood testing that the top two toxic substances measured in the body were mercury and plastic residues.  These are just two of over 200 toxins identified in the human bloodstream at a given time.

    Environmental pollutants, drug residues, and bodily wastes become trapped in the body. These toxic substances are stored in fatty deposits until they migrate into the bloodstream then into cell membranes of the body’s organs and glands.  In many cases, people could be carrying up to ten or more pounds of unhealthy mucous-harbouring waste and stored toxins in their cellular tissue.

    Bowels, kidneys, skin and respiratory organs are responsible for elimination; however, they may become overwhelmed by congestion and as a result, are unable to expel the unwanted toxic waste. This congestion results in damage eventually leading to such symptoms as allergies, digestive disorders, fatigue, headaches, joint pains, bad breath, insomnia, depression and excess weight.

    The good news is that if we help our body, it will expel toxins quite readily.

    At home, a gentle, natural, toxin elimination program can begin with a juicer or blender, a skin brush, proper breathing, daily exercise and plenty of water.  Foods that help to detoxify are fruit and vegetable juices, raw foods, sprouts, greens, whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and water.

    The most efficient way to allow the body to focus on detoxifying is to put less strain on the digestive system. To begin, start with a detox day; this is not a fasting day but rather a holiday for the body away from the harmful foods such as coffee, black tea, sugar, milk, seafood, carbonated drinks, cheese, fried foods, red meat, cooking oil, cigarettes, alcohol, bread, salt and pepper, pork and any medications that are not necessary.

    Each New Year, we offer online guidance through a three Day Green Clean Cleanse.  This year’s date will be January 24 to 26th.

    If you would like to try the cleanse, fill in the form and email it back to us. As the start date approaches, we will email you the cleanse outline along with a complete grocery list.  REMEMBER, this is not a FAST. It is a “CLEANSE” so you will be drinking and eating your GREENS!

    If you face a more challenging health concern, “Biotherapeutic Drainage” is another way to help rid the body cells of unwanted and congestive toxins.  To schedule a consultation, please complete the “Appointment Request Form.”


    Merry New Year, Susan. Thank you for the thoughtful New Year words and wishes. I have been working part time . Wednesdays and Thursdays, naturally. Not certain if things will settle down in the cooler temperatures. Will attend a morning class if and when possible. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. Hope to be able to join you for the on-line body cleanse. I remember the very ambitious one we did at your home. Quiet walk in the woods, meditation and all the great foods you prepared for us. Quite the task, I’m Sure. What I remember most about the food was, I couldn’t hope to eat it all. Yours as well as the one we followed together, on the net with you. All the best to you and yours for the coming year. Thanks again, catch up soon. Julia


    Thanks Julia, good to hear from you! Happy to have you join a class whenever you can. I can add you to the group for the cleanse and hopefully you can join us. Take care.


    Hi Susan, Happy New Year! The Cleanse sounds really interesting to me and would like to find out more, such as what happens after the 3rd day, etc. I feel I am up for this challenge! Thank you! Cheryl